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  • Faculty & Research

    Staff Recruitment
    Application Conditions

    Applicants should meet the following basic requirements in addition to the specific requirements for the position they are applying for:

    • Obey the laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China;
    • Good conduct, diligence and dedication, unity and cooperation, and good professionalism;
    • Physical conditions with normal performance of duties.
    Application Process:
    Application Materials

    1 resume in Chinese and English, 1 photo in 1 inch.

    Application Method

    Applicants can post jobs that match their own conditions through email, Zhilian recruitment, and recruitment network.

    If you choose the mail delivery method, please send your personal application materials to: hr@gsm.pku.edu.cn, and the subject of the email is set to “Name” + “Apply” + “Department Name” + “Job Name”.

    ? 2019 Guanghua School of Management Peking University