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  • Faculty & Research

    Postdoctoral Recruitment

    Guanghua School of Management has two postdoctoral mobile stations for business administration and applied economics. Applicants must submit the application materials by January 31, 2018

    Basic Conditions
    • Candidates for the post-doctorate research position must possess an earned Ph.D. in the relevant fields. Additionally, candidates should meet academic qualifications, have excellent academic performance, and maintain good physical and mental health;
    • Candidates should be under 35 years old;
    • Candidates should have earned doctoral degree no more than three years ago by the employment start date;
    • Candidates should work as a full-time position;
    • The applicant's inbound research program needs to be related to the research project or research expertise of the coordinator.
    Required Materials
    • Resume;
    • List of academic achievements;
    • Two copies of the full text of the representative;
    • Potential research ideas and work plans during the post-doctorate position.
    Application Procedure
    • Please send the above application materials to bsh@gsm.pku.edu.cn by January 31, 2018.
    • Please note:
    • The electronic application materials should be arranged in the order as listed in the “Required Materials” above and marked with the serial number.
    • Each applicant must send them to the above email address on time.
    • The subject of the email must indicate the name of the applicant, the name of the coordinator, and the name of the recruiting department.
    • After the initial screening, an interview notice will be issued for the candidates in the short-list. The interview is scheduled to be held at the end of February 2018.

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